About Selway Fabrication

Selway Fabrication is a Boise based company dedicated to bringing practical, functional, and comfortable portable toilets to the river banks. The company grew from our passion for the outdoors and the need for a way to dispose of waste that felt more like home. Our products are designed to keep the outdoors in a natural state, and to insure that our customers are able to do so. The River Bank II toilet system is great for any outdoor setting, including rafting, camping, hunting, and many other activities.
Contact Us:

E-mail: info@selwayfabrication.com
Phone: 208-336-1877
Please be sure that you purchase your River Bank Toilet System and spare parts from an authorized retailer. If you have questions about an authorized retailer please feel free to contact us.

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The River Bank II toilet system by Selway Fabrication
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